Case Studies of My Work

Hey, thanks for taking the time to visit this page and showing interest in my work. The case studies you can view here are going to be a mix of SEO expertise showcasing my work on keyword research, large scale site wide technical audits, internal linking, and on page optimization.

Let's start!

Case Study 1 - Health/Pharma Content Optimization & Keyword Research

Content Optimization | Keyword Research | Strategic Internal Linking

Case Study 1 involves a large pharma company that provides discounts on prescription drugs. This client is a new entry to the field in the past 5 years so client is heavily focusing on content creation to get the ball rolling towards higher rankings.

The client has the resources on board to do 30 articles a month, so the goal was to provide keyword research and data for 30 articles along with vetting any ideas for posts that they wanted to implement.

With a new site, consistency is key and we kept posting from the start of the year in a highly competitive niche. After a couple months of slow and steady improvement, a very high volume keyword hit on a post and after that the site was given a noticeable boost in authority.

From that point on we have seen consistent increases and plan on continuing for a couple more months with the same research and development process while also implementing a strategy to refresh pages that didn't perform well on the first go around.


Case Study 2 - Gambling and Betting Internal Linking Optimizations

The second case study involves a sports betting group that owns multiple verticals in the gambling space. This client has been in the space for a very long time and their site is a little more clunky and has become hard to fix. Because of this, my priority was to control and focus on all aspects of the site that we can control such as content and internal linking.

Case Study 3 - Helping Local Business SEO in High Ticket Construction

Client Management | Keyword Research and Content Creation | Technical SEO Improvements | Silo Site Restructure | Link Building

Third case study involves a small locally owned remodeling and new home construction company that I worked with at my own agency. Efficiency was the goal in this campaign as the client had a lower budget coming out of COVID, but was still in a very important growth year for his business projections.

This worked involved content marketing, keyword research, internal linking optimizations, and link building through community resources and posts. Our goal with this client was to increase conversions but also the quality of conversions. The "look" and "quality" of home builders website automatically builds a brand reputation for themselves and our goal was to supplement their gorgeous website with content and resources that established them as a high end service.

Over the past year, we transitioned the service pages on the site to focus on higher volume keywords building content in a silo structure underneath those service pages. We also made sure when connecting those silos that we used the most efficient internal anchor text to qualify relevance for our pages. Overall, the contractor has grown 600% this year in the amount of leads for home remodels above the 100k mark.


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