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Home Builder Blog Topic Ideas

As a home builder or any company interested in developing and expanding their presence online, blogging is a essential tool to implement. Aside from generating quality content for clients, blog content increases rankings and provides signals to google about the trust and authority of your site.

Why is it then that many businesses don't have an active blog? Many business owners run out of time or ideas regarding blog posts and see it as a lost cause or a time sink at that point. Fear not, as we have designed this post for home builder blog topic ideas to help give with content you can use today and maybe even provide some inspiration for ideas of your own

Before we get started, we are going to show these topics by categories including:

  • Contractor and Home Area Guide
  • Home Cost Related Topics
  • Home Material Based Topics
  • New Home Build Topics
  • Interior Design & Decorating Topics
  • General Home Building Topics
  • Energy/Green Topics

Contractor and Home Area Guide

Local home builders are usually very in touch with their community because of the nature of the business. This gives you a special view of the community and its worth showing this off to potential clients. You can always plug your business at the end of the post, but the main point of this blogs is to start driving traffic to your area.

  1. The Best Neighborhoods
  2. Where to Live
  3. Tips for Building a Home in (City)
  4. Reasons families are moving to (City)
  5. Beautiful Homes in (City)
  6. Beautiful Neighborhoods in (City)

Home Cost Related Topics

This section of content provides informational topics to all of your potential clients and users on the internet, providing you with a chance to establish yourself as a authority in the home building space.

  1. How to create a luxury home on a budget?
  2. Preventing scope creep when building your new home
  3. General tips for financing your new home
  4. The price of a lot in (City)
  5. What do delays cost for home building?
  6. Costly mistakes when building a new home
  7. The most expensive rooms to build in a new home on average
  8. Cost vs Value with new home builds
  9. New home vs Remodeling

Home Material Based Topics

Focusing on educating searchers brings you multiple benefits as a home building company. Establishing a baseline of education with clients allows you to focus in on the not as flashy areas like materials, which can impact the look and feel of a house significantly.

  1. Living Room Floor Material Options
  2. Kitchen Flooring Material Options
  3. Bathroom Flooring Material Options
  4. What types of kitchen cabinets should I get?
  5. Imitation Vs Real Hardwood
  6. Most affordable Countertop Materials
  7. Longest lasting Countertop Materials
  8. The most energy efficient windows for your home

New Home Build Topics

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